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Is the lavalier microphone wired or wireless? Say goodbye to the choice difficulty!

Is the collar clip better wired or wireless? Similar problems can be seen everywhere on Du Niang. Many netizens have launched a heated discussion on this issue, which is comparable to a debate contest. In fact, the question of how to choose between wireless and wired is not only controversial in the microphone field, but also in the headset, audio and other fields. This is an unsolvable problem (at least for the moment)~~What are the advantages of wired and wireless?





Solutions to common problems in the use of wireless microphone

Problems easy to occur 1、 Judgment and solution of channeling (also called channeling). Judgment: There are two reasons for this type of situation,





How to improve the sound quality of general speakers

High-quality decoding chip. Decoding chips are the key to sound quality, and the sound quality displayed by high-quality decoding chips is incomparable to those of poorer ones.





Classification of speakers

There are many kinds of speakers. We can classify them in three ways. They are classified according to the driving mode, the shape of the paper basin or radiator, and the purpose. 1. According to the driving mode, it is how to apply the electrical signal to the paper basin to convert it into mechanical force and then generate vibration. See the following table: 2. Classification according to the shape of diaphragm or radiator According to the shape of the diaphragm or radiation, there are mainly conical, flat, spherical, trumpet, ribbon, and sheet shapes. Conical diaphragm speaker: When we talk about speakers, we will think of conical diaphragm speaker (also called paper basin speaker), which is a widely used speaker type at present. Especially as the bass speaker of high fidelity speaker system, high fidelity means to maintain its authenticity. We usually see HiFi audio, which means high fidelity. Conical diaphragm loudspeaker means that its drum paper is conical. In our specifications, we often see that the type is CONE, which means cone. We often call the drum paper CONE PAPER, which means that the paper body is conical.





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