Is the lavalier microphone wired or wireless? Say goodbye to the choice difficulty!


Is the collar clip better wired or wireless? Similar problems can be seen everywhere on Du Niang. Many netizens have launched a heated discussion on this issue, which is comparable to a debate contest. In fact, the question of how to choose between wireless and wired is not only controversial in the microphone field, but also in the headset, audio and other fields. This is an unsolvable problem (at least for the moment)~~What are the advantages of wired and wireless?

Is the lavalier microphone wired or wireless? What are the advantages?

Whether wired or wireless, it is impossible to intuitively determine which is better. It can only be said that different scenarios and requirements are different. Wired collar clips need to be connected with various wires when they are used. Before going out for shooting, you need to make full preparations, including which wires to carry. In the process of recording, if you need to move in a large range or do body movements, it may not be convenient to use the wired collar clip. However, due to the wired connection, the audio transmission will be more stable. The wireless model is much more convenient to use. When using, you can directly open Bluetooth for pairing without connecting wires. When recording, it will not be limited by the wire and can play better. However, the wireless design also has some defects. If you are in a place with strong interference, the connection may be unstable, and you also need to consider the problem of endurance. You need to pay attention to the power when you are out shooting for a long time. It can be seen that there is no perfect answer to the question of whether wired or wireless is better. It can only be said that suitable people are different.