Is the principle of loudspeaker electromagnetic induction?


Electromagnetic induction is another energy conversion method based on Faraday's electromagnetic induction and Lenz's law. The "Lenz's Law" mentioned here means that the magnetic field that generates the induced current will always prevent the magnetic flux that generates the induced current from changing. In other words, to obtain an energy, we must overcome the current brought by the current, and to convert energy into electrical energy, we need external energy.
In junior high school physics, we learned the "right hand rule" to judge the direction of the induced current in the wire, that is, the right hand is extended horizontally, so that the thumb and the other four fingers are vertical, and at the same level as the palm. Place the right hand in the magnetic field. If the magnetic force line is facing the palm (when the magnetic induction line is a straight line, the palm of the palm is N electrodes), and the direction pointed by the thumb is the direction of the induced current on the wire.
Speakers, also known as "speakers", are a kind of "energy conversion device" that converts electrical signals into acoustic signals. There are many kinds of speakers, such as internal speakers and external speakers, and their sizes are also different.