Smart speakers with screen become a new trend in the market


MediaTek MT8516 is the main voice in the smart speaker market. It is equipped with a quad-core CPU, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and the built-in PowerAQ audio correction tool can provide better sound quality. In terms of power consumption, the low-power chip design can greatly extend the battery life of terminal equipment. In addition, terminal manufacturers can also choose to integrate AI functions. MediaTek's AIoT solution can help terminal manufacturers shorten the product development cycle and accelerate the pace of product launch.

The MediaTek MT8516 also integrates Amazon's dual-microphone toolkit to reduce the design process for manufacturers when the Alexa voice assistant is built in, speed up the launch of new products, and promote the re-optimization of the end product experience. Under the blessing of MediaTek's advanced edge AI technology, the dual-microphone toolkit can bring partners a more portable development experience. Compared with cloud computing, edge computing has many advantages, such as faster processing of tasks on the terminal side, more secure processing of data at the terminal compared to the processing method transmitted to the cloud, and better privacy protection.

As smart speakers with screen become a new trend, MediaTek MT8167S is also favored by major manufacturers, and MediaTek also ranks first in the global market share of speakers with screen. At the same time, MediaTek also has close cooperation with many smart device manufacturers such as Tmall, Xiaomi, Amazon, Google, etc. It is believed that more and more smart terminal products with more and more categories will be launched in the future.