The future smart speaker market will likely be a protracted battle


In the movie "Untouchable Her", there is a virtual AI assistant named "Samantha". She has no specific image and can only communicate with the male protagonist through her voice, accompanied by a humorous "Samantha" , The male protagonist gradually got out of the haze of life and found hope again. In the end, the two became lovers only by voice communication, which made the audience envious.

However, these beautiful imaginations that used to exist only in movies are now slowly becoming a reality with the emergence of smart speakers. AI makes the speaker products no longer cold, but can interact like friends, for the user's life. Bring unprecedented freshness.

I am usually busy at work and have no time to accompany my parents. The screen of the WeChat video mobile phone is too small, and my parents sometimes do not know which button to press to connect. The Hemu smart speaker just perfectly solves these problems. "One call to talk" can automatically connect to the video call, and it does not require parents to do more operations, which is very convenient!

Become a Food Instructor & Children's Teacher

Every time I want to make delicious food, I stare at the pot while watching the tutorial, right? The food tutor of Hemu smart speakers gives not only a simple recipe introduction, but also introduces the production process of food through pictures, texts and voices. Even a kitchen novice can easily get started. For children, the Hemu smart speaker provides intimate companionship and guidance, whether it is animated children's songs, poems and songs, etc., it can easily deal with it. There are also limited functions in terms of watching video time and other aspects, bringing more intimate protection to children.

Technology has changed life. Compared with smart speakers without a screen, the voice + vision mode has significantly improved the experience of smart speakers in terms of information acquisition, applicable scenarios, and entertainment. In addition, it brings a lot of joy to families with the elderly and children, and can be regarded as a good companion.

When you wake up "XiaoheXiaohe" with normal dialogue volume, all requirements can be met.