Is IoT nothing more than a sophisticated espionage network?


How the Internet of Things affects privacy has always been a matter of concern. Smart speakers, for example, will always be listening, and they must do so in order to receive any commands the user may make. And there is a problem in this process. Is anyone monitoring the interaction between the user and the smart speaker, or even recording?

This may seem paranoid, after all, most users are not ordinary enough to allow hackers to attack their smart devices, but what if you are in the middle of a messy divorce? What if you are in a company? If there is a company Need this data for a survey?

There are always people who want to spy on your privacy so that they can "crime" you better.

The potential reasons why people are being monitored are always endless, but, you know, we need to dig a little deeper—and it's not just smart speakers.

According to TechCrunch, the FBI recently issued a warning about the latest smart TVs. If the smart TV has a camera and microphone, hackers can use the camera and microphone to:

Technology has changed life. Compared with smart speakers without a screen, the voice + vision mode has significantly improved the experience of smart speakers in terms of information acquisition, applicable scenarios, and entertainment. In addition, it brings a lot of joy to families with the elderly and children, and can be regarded as a good companion.

When you wake up "XiaoheXiaohe" with normal dialogue volume, all requirements can be met.